Why WordPress is the best platform for your website

Overwhelmed by the choices of website platforms available? I get it – there is a lot to choose from and each with their own strengths they bring to an online space.

Clearly I am team WordPress all the way and I think you should be too! Read on to to see my top reasons why I think WordPress makes an excellent choice for a website platform.


Thanks to WordPress being an open-source platform there are endless possibilities with plugin options to extend your site’s capabilities to a bunch of starter themes and templates.


You can get started with WordPress for no extra ongoing monthly costs like some of the others. All you need is to bring your own hosting + domain which are yearly costs and usually less then $100 a year.


Being able to pick your hosting is a huge win when it comes to SEO. Not only that but there are a heap of SEO plugins to help you customise and get your website in tip top SEO shape and help you rank.